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Facial Treatment
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  • Anti-age special:
  • Acne treatment:
  • Luxury facial:
  • Special Occasion make-up:
  • Green Peel: (single treatment)
  • Green Peel: (course of 3 treatments)
  • £80
  • £60
  • £40
  • £30
  • £60
  • £150

Luxury Facial takes over an hour and includes hydrotherapy, dead cell removal, deep pore cleansing plus massage, anti-wrinkle treatment and mask. Tailored to suit your own needs depending on your skin type.

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Green Peel by Dr Schrammeck. A new skin in 5 days using only natural plant ingredients. The specific compound of Green Peel is massaged into your skin. The micro-particles lightly polish the upper layers of the skin (Epidermis Removal) the other active ingredient preparations will penetrate the skin where they will be absorbed by the cutis within 48 hours. The valuable, natural active substances such as vitamins, plant hormones, enzymes and other beneficial ingredients absorb into the skin. It increases the blood circulation of the skin and causes the upper layer of the skin to peel off.

After the treatment has been completed the skin is well circulated and the sensation felt is as minor sunburn. After 3 - 4 days the old skin peels off. On the fifth day your after care treatment appointment is followed up. The new skin now is especially receptive to the rich ingredient filled products applied to the skin during this session. The complexion appears visible improved, clearer and younger. Green Peel is used to treat: Skin impurities; Enlarged pores; Premature ageing; Wrinkles; Scars; Stretch marks; Cellulite.

In addition, please see specialist treatment under ‘Slapping Massage’.