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Nails and Footcare
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  • Gel/Powder on tip extension full set:
  • Gel/Powder on natural nails full set:
  • Extension removal:
  • Infill (full set):
  • Nails Repair (silk pad) per nail:
  • Nails Design:
  • Polish:
  • Polish Removal and recolour:
  • Shellac:
  • UV Gel removal:
  • Spa Manicure:
  • Spa Pedicure:
  • Footcare:
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Nail Services

Nail enhancements, if treated with care and maintained regularly, will last until your natural nails reach your desired length. Regular maintenance is essential. Nail art is a beautiful addition to any nail service with a wide choice of designs.


Reflexology is a therapy that has been practiced for many years. It aims to increase blood circulation, encourage the release of endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers) and to stimulate nerves by applying pressure to certain areas that are thought to be related to other parts of the anatomy.

A pedicure can be useful by removing hard skin, keeping nails healthy, maintaining overall hygiene and by softening the skin, many minor ailments and complaints of the feet can be avoided. edicures can give feet a new lease of life and should be enjoyed whenever needed. They can help treat minor problems of the feet or help to prevent more serious ones occurring

In-growing toenails, corns and calluses can all be prevented by keeping feet in good overall health, meaning discomfort is lowered, mobility remains optimal and days absent from work are lessened. If feet are in good health and walking is comfortable, people are more likely to participate in activities and exercise, and can even improve posture and balance.