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  • Herbal Steam Therapy (20 minutes):
  • Full Body Scrub (20 minutes):
  • Body firming programme:
  • Tanning Spray (Full body):
  • £15
  • £30
  • from £70
  • £25

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After a stressful day, relax in a Herbal Steam Sauna. With regular use you will sleep better and feel more alert. Body toxins, pollutants and the stress of modern living are major causes of many health problems. A short time in our herbal steam sauna and you will experience a special feeling of well being as your body releases harmful fluids from deep within your system, naturally and safely using scented herbs from Thailand. Followed by a dead cell removal exfoliate to soften and tone your skin and unblock your pores.


Used in combination with a good diet and regular exercise a steam sauna will help you keep fit and healthy.